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Group Information

PhotoArtists makes a selection before accepting new members. If we feel that your style/gallery does not meet our requirements we will probably decline your request to join. This is to avoid constant declines on works that end up frustrating the members and the staff.

Please note that we do NOT accept models in this group. You must be a photographer or a traditional/digital artist in order to be accepted.

Before you apply to be a member of this group, take some time to read our Group Guidelines. If you have any questions, please contact the staff by sending a note.

Group Guidelines

Mon Mar 17, 2014, 12:05 PM by raquelvonkaminaru:iconraquelvonkaminaru:


:bulletblack: General Introduction
:bulletblack: Main Guidelines
:bulletblack: What are "snapshot" like photos to us
:bulletblack: Feedback from the Staff
:bulletblack: Number of Submissions
:bulletblack: Affiliations
:bulletblack: Critiques
:bulletblack: Notes

General introduction

PhotoArtists is a group mainly dedicated to photography but we also accept talented people in the Digital and Traditional world.
Please take in consideration that we do not accept membership requests from models. We only accept photographers, digital and traditional artists.

Before you request joining this group we kindly ask you to look at the guidelines and make sure that your work corresponds to what we are looking for.
Beginners at photography are more than welcome to watch the group or contact us for help.

2 votes are needed for new members to be accepted in the group.
We reserve the right to decline your membership if more than 50% of your gallery doesn't meet our standards.

Main Guidelines

We require a significant amount of quality in the works submitted and the group will not accept:

:bulletblue: photos that are out-of-focus, blurred, poorly composed, overexposed or underexposed in a way that doesn't allow detail visibility
:bulletblue: HDR post-processing so strong that will "damage" the look of the photo
:bulletblue: low quality nudes, snapshots of people, family festivities, random friend’s gatherings, etc
:bulletblue: sloppy horizons in landscape and waterscape photos
:bulletblue: photos of dead or injured animals
:bulletblue: photos displaying violence against people or animals, racism or any other type of art that can represent prejudice towards race/religion/gender/beliefs, etc.
:bulletblue: human macros
:bulletblue: photos with intrusive watermarks, including the dA watermark
:bulletblue: photos of dolls and figures
:bulletblue: strong horror and gore content
:bulletblue: use of strong textures in the photos that take away the attention from the main subject; intrusive textures.
:bulletblue: works that are less than 650px on their longest side
:bulletblue: identical works, clearly from the same series with very small differences between them.

For Digital submissions: works containing images taken from the web (such as images with celebrities, cartoons or similar) will be declined. Those images are copyrighted and unless you have written permission to use them, you are in copyright violation.

What are "snapshot" like photos to us

Usually snapshots are defined by the use of a small hand-held camera. For us this is not all. A snapshot is a photo that you take with your friends, a shot that you take to that particular pretty girl, but doesn't really show any effort on composition, light and camera tricks... it's just a snapshot. The same applies to other subjects... the photo you take to your cat under a chair or under the bed but it's not really focused because you didn't have the time to setup your camera. Usually snapshots have poor composition and that is not what we want to display in the group.

Feedback from the Staff

Although we may try our best to give you feedback on declined works, our time is limited.
If you want feedback from us, please send a note or leave a comment at the original submission message. Just remember that we will be honest about the declining reason.

NOTE: If your submission is rejected, please first check these guidelines; if you're still not sure, please use your submission process you received in your message center (to keep the links in order) to ask for a reason. Don't be discouraged by this though, try again, and submit something you feel is better or more appropriate. Please respect our decisions and try to understand the reasons for the declining and if we give any tips, that is just because we are trying to help you. Don't take it personally as we never like to decline a work.

Number of Submissions

Members: Can submit 2 works per week. Please avoid submitting the works together and avoid submitting similar images and pick the best ones to submit in order to maintain the variety in the gallery.
2 votes are required for your work to be accepted.
Contributors: Can submit 1 work per day. No votes are required.


PhotoArtists will only accept affiliations from groups that display a good amount of activity and interaction with members.
Since we are trying to maintain a certain level of quality we will not accept affiliation requests from groups with less than 200 members.


The Critiques are used as a communication method between the members and the staff. We believe that having a solid conversation about the works is a great way to learn for both parts.

- if you have a premium membership, please activate the 'Critique Request' in your work;
- if possible, include the EXIF information
- if you do not have a premium membership and you cannot activate the option, we ask you to let us know if you read the critique, if you thought it was fair. I believe this is the most important part of the process.
- if after receiving the critique you do not reply to the comment in 3 days, the work will be removed from our gallery. The critique folder is an open one and doesn't require any votes. We want to avoid people submitting to that folder in order to skip the voting process.


We operate a zero tolerance policy towards disruptive and disrespectful behaviour from anyone in this group, and anyone found wanting in this area will immediately be removed and blocked by the Administration.
Any member of deviantArt that is not initially accepted in the group and has a disrespectful behaviour towards the admins will be blocked.
Anyone proven to be an art thief will be banned and blocked.

We reserve the right to remove images from our Galleries that do not match the above mentioned rules.

Skin by Ikue
Modified by raquelvonkaminaru
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PictureByPali Apr 10, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
Thank you so much for requesting my work, your far to kind 
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OlivierAccart Mar 30, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
Thank you for your support !
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PictureByPali Mar 30, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
Thank you so much for requesting my work... It means much to me !! 
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...thank you so much for accepting my work :peace:
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